Workplace Assessment

There’s a difference between knowing something is wrong and knowing how to deal with it. This is why addressing an issue without being aware of what’s causing it can be detrimental. We focus on treating the root cause, not the symptom.

Hukso uses a unique combination of assessments to gather the vital data needed to generate wellness recommendations for our clients.

Our thorough evaluations cover wellness and the environment to identify potential health risks associated with sedentary workplace lifestyles, such as obesity, diabetes, stress and long-term cognitive ill health.


Once we have all the data we need, we analyse, interpret, and share the results. We then recommend actions you can take to create a path towards a prosperous future for your organisation. At this stage, you also have the option to let us implement these changes, which we do in partnership with trusted third-party suppliers.

A key part of our approach is transforming raw data into actionable insights. We’re bombarded with information through our phones, smartwatches and computers, and end up learning nothing of value. This is likely to leave us feeling overwhelmed, which in turn may lead to anxiety or other mental disorders.

It's crucial to take a moderate approach when evaluating the workspace. You will not only spare yourself from feeling overwhelmed with a massive amount of information, you will also be able to work on set issues in a more timely and realistic fashion.

Corporate Wellbeing Assessment


Most, if not all, entrepreneurs do intend to create companies with better cultures and care for their staff than they have experienced. But along the way, this shifts down the list of priorities, and as a result, the workforce suffers

The idea behind the Hukso Corporate Wellbeing Assessment is to improve the workplace based on results attained from the entire staff. By doing so you not only improve the working environment, you also include them in the decision-making. This, in its own right, has a positive effect on mental health.


Personal Wellbeing Assessment


The number of people working remotely has been on a steep upward trajectory as of late due to the pandemic. However, this trend had already begun long before the pandemic started. In 2019, around 30% of people in the US aged 20-25 were working remotely.

Working remotely as part of a company or as a sole trader has its perks and drawbacks. While the commute is much better, many suffer from the lack of social interactions. The Hukso Personal Wellbeing Assessment was developed for people working in a remote setting, either part-time or full-time, who are unsure about the quality of their workspace.



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