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From Swedish ‘lagom’ to Norwegian ‘passelig’, the Scandinavian philosophy of moderation goes beyond singular prescriptions for good health and embraces a culture of wellbeing that spans the home, workplace, and beyond.

Founded on the basis of Scandinavian principles, Hukso encapsulates the philosophy of moderation. Scandinavian innovation stretches beyond the widespread notions of modern design and healthy lifestyle; it boils down to moderating all aspects of life and culture. This includes promoting work-life balance among staff. Moderation is not a limiting factor, but rather a realistic outlook / awareness that maximises output without exhausting input. 

Employees should work smarter, not harder - necessitating practicality at all levels of the hierarchy. Hukso facilitates such pragmatism, helping you to assess and nurture the mental, physical and social health of your work life.


Moderation is about taking care of yourself, without going too far in any direction. Year after year, the World Happiness Report confirms that Scandinavian countries house the happiest individuals, globally.

It’s no surprise that emulations of such a moderate lifestyle are becoming more common, but workplace elements are often beyond the control of the employee.

Instead, it’s in the hands of the employer to reform their corporate culture for the better – with the help of Hukso.


Hukso has applied these Scandinavian principles and has created a unique and innovative one stop shop for workplace wellbeing. Whether you're an individual working from home or the head of a large corporation, we have you covered!

Your journey begins with our Hukso Wellbeing Assessment, meticulously designed to identify key areas of your workplace that require the most attention. We then offer bespoke feedback to help you focus your time and effort on finding easy to implement and pragmatic solutions to achieve your ideal workplace! (Find out more about our platform!)

Our years of experience in the wellness industry have enabled us to carefully select the best quality products and services that have a measurable impact on your health and wellbeing.


Ted Mayborn / Co-Founder

​The inspiration for Hukso’s Scandinavian twist was influenced by Ted’s Swedish heritage and his first-hand knowledge of the benefits of the Scandinavian lifestyle.


Tiago Mendes / Co-Founder

Tiago’s years of experience as a nutrition and health advisor bring vast knowledge of evidence-based processes of lifestyle change to Hukso.